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A Saint in My Book

Wanted to express my gratitude for you. You stick with me throughout all my nonsense. You provide generous and genuine insight on different angles of thinking or approaching situations. And most of all, you're there for me when I otherwise would have no one else to talk to ... for that I thank you, and wish you nothing but the best. You're a saint in my book.”


— Tom

A Sounding Board

Thank you for being a sounding board & encouragement through life's adventures this year. I truly enjoy working with you & am thankful for the maturity & the example you bring to the "20 somethings".

— Hillary

Officially on My Way

You have been an important part of me and my families life for years. You have watched me through trials & tribulations ...and you see me now. I am officially on my way to becoming the person I aspired to be for all those years...I cannot imagine this transition without your support. 

— Steph

Always a Smile

Thank you for being the wonderful you that you are. Always a smile and a friendly voice on the phone. Thank you for being so open and honest with your personal experiences, and guiding me through my journey. 

— Janice

Thank You for Sharing

Thank you for sharing your experience and support. The choice is a personal one, and I deeply appreciate your willingness to share and answer my questions candidly”

— Elle

A Wonderful Light

Thank you for all you have done (and still do) I am extremely grateful and appreciative of everything. I think God has given you a wonderful light and you share it. 

— Nicole

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